Thursday, 25 August 2011

Effective mobile marketing: Eight golden rules

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Effective mobile marketing: eight golden rules

1) Creativity and content are key. Avoid banner ads or intrusive message that are little more than spam.

2) Where advertising is used, sponsorship is far more acceptable to users than direct advertising. It creates and builds an effective brand presence, without interrupting or irritating the customer.

3) Take advantage of personal location – the fact that the phone is always with us, and always knows where we are. 

4) Incentivise uptake – and make the incentives interactive.

5) Exploit the technology where others are not doing so, but don’t use the technology for its own sake. It must always answer a need or want. Any apps developed merely because the technology is exciting will fail.

6) Personal recommendations are now one of the best ways customers make decisions. Tapping into this means recognising and accepting it, rather than devaluing it by “faking” recommendations – which is, in any case, illegal.

7) Don’t view mobile in isolation. It’s not a separate channel; it’s what people use when they visit other channels. The difference between the Internet and mobile will soon be invisible.

8) Ensure your website has a mobile-friendly version – not just one that works on mobiles.

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